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One Size:  120cm x 190cm



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Regenerator Energy Blanket is multi-layered, comprising of needle punched cotton and coconut fibre, a double sided highly polished aluminum film and cotton outer washable quilt cover.

The specially designed film membranes inside the blanket prevent the body’s electromagnetic emissions from dissipating outwards.  These layers also reflect back your own body heat and energy, giving a thermo-electric experience.  This life force energy (Chi) is distributed along the meridians and chakras of the body which enables the use of this blanket to operate on many subtle energy levels in the body. Emotional, Mental, Physical.

The first thing one feels when using the blanket is a complete and pleasant sensation of wellbeing and protection.  External electromagnetic and electro-static influences are blocked and reflected away.  When the energy blanket is combined with the Biomat, the blanket acts like a heat reflector, similar to a space blanket, or emergency aluminium foil blanket, promoting a cocoon like state.  This is expecially beneficial when using the mat to detoxify, sweat or raise the body temperature significantly when treating illness or disease.

These Energy Blankets are used by Therapists and Health Practitioners, as well as Chiropractors and Reiki Therapists.

One Size:  120cm x 190cm

Colour:  White



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