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Why does the Biomat® Mini have alternating rows of amethyst and tourmaline stones, while the larger sizes only have amethyst stones in the channels?

All  have a layer within them called the Tourmaline Catchpower (TOCA™) layer. This layer is inside of the mats and not visible in plain sight. The Biomat® Mini does have alternating channels of amethyst and tourmaline crystals to match its output of negative ions with the larger mats.

What are the differences between the older Biomat® 3000MX and the latest Biomat® 7000MX?          

The Biomat® 7000MX is the latest model and contains the Tourmaline Catchpower (TOCA™) layer and Peach and Grape Seed Layer for additional far infrared and negative ion output. The 7000MX models also utilise a state of the art, ergonomic controller with added safety features and the latest IC chip.

What is the Waterproof Pad made of?

The Germanium Power Pad 187 is made with 100% cotton and germanium. Germanium is similar to silicon and share many similar properties. The Germanium Power Pad 187 is sweat resistant and bacteria resistant and helps protect your Biomat from moisture and odours. The Germanium Pad fits over the cotton cover which comes with the Biomat.

Your marketing materials says that the Biomat® has reduced EMF but the controller still has EMF. Why?

EMF emission is reduced from the Biomat® itself (mat portion). However, the controller will still emit EMF because it is plugged into an electrical source. All appliances that plug into an electrical source will emit some EMF. The Biomat® works in a way in which it does not always require active electricity . When the Biomat® is actively heating up to the designated temperature, it is using electricity, which means the controller will emit EMF. Once the Biomat® has reached its designated temperature, it stops using electricity, and the EMF emission from the controller will be reduced.

How does the Biomat® reduce EMF?   

All electrical appliances emit some amount of EMF. There are a few innovative layers within the Biomat® that help to reduce exposure to EMF from it. The Reverse Currency Heating Layer has built in EMF interception. In addition, we have incorporated a Copper Fabric Layer, Carbon Fabric Layer, and our exclusive Nano Copper Fabric Layer to aid in reducing EMF from the Biomat®. The controller of the Biomat® also has a function which pulls EMF from the mat to the ground.

There are a sequence of lights on the Pro/Single/Queen/King Biomat® controller called EDNI. What does this stand for?

EDNI stands for Electrically Discharged Negative Ions. The EDNI lights flash when negative ions are being electrically produced. These lights turn on automatically once the Biomat® has reached its designated temperature.

Does the Biomat® have earthing functionality? 

No, the Biomat® does not function as an earthing mat.

How does the Biomat® produce infrared rays and negative ions?

The Biomat® uses a combination of fabrics and amethyst stones to generate far infrared rays which are then transferred to the body as heat. The heat comes from friction generated within the body through the effects of far infrared rays. Far infrared rays warm the inside of your body and the part of your body contacting the Biomat®. Negative ions are generated electrically and using special components within the Biomat® such as the Tourmaline Catchpower (TOCA™) Layer.

When did Richway release the 7000MX Biomat® model?  

The Biomat® 7000MX line was released around November 2012.

Why is amethyst primarily used in the Biomat® instead of other gems like some other mats?

The Biomat® has undergone numerous iterations since its release in 1998. Jade was first used as a primary natural infrared source. Through years of extensive research and data compilation, we have found that no other stone comes close to the output that amethyst offers. While other companies use a mixture of various stones and materials to set themselves apart from Richway and even possibly cut costs, Richway only uses what it has found to be the best materials for the Biomat®. In addition to amethyst, all Richway Biomats® have a tourmaline layer within them which produces an abundance of negative ions. The Biomat® Mini uses black tourmaline gemstones with amethyst which allows it to match the negative ion output of larger mats. Some competitors use tourmaline ceramic beads in their mats. This is a cheaper and less effective alternative to the black tourmaline and black tourmaline fabric used in the Biomat®.

I heard that synthetic materials cut the effects of the Biomat®. Is this true?

Synthetic materials reduce negative ions. While the Quantum Energy Pad uses microfiber, we also include an additional Tourmaline Catchpower (TOCA™) Layer within it to replenish the negative ions lost. Also, our waterproof pads are 100% cotton and germanium and they are designed to be permeable to molecules smaller than water. Therefore, negative ions and far infrared are easily able to pass through while keeping the Biomat® dry.

Is the Biomat® King/Queen/Single made of real leather?

No, the brown, outer material of the Biomat® King/Queen/Single is a synthetic material.

Is the Biomat® a disease treatment and/or prevention tool?

The Biomat® is classified as a medical device and is a tool to aid in arthritic pain reduction and the temporary increase of blood circulation.

I accidentally fell asleep for a few hours on my Biomat®. Am I safe or did I “fry” my internal organs?

It is not possible to fry your internal organs while using the Biomat®. We do not recommend using the Biomat® at higher heat settings for extended periods of time due to the risk of skin burns.

What is the quilted Cotton Pad that came with the Biomat® for? Do I need to use it?   

Yes, the included Cotton Pad should always be used over the Biomat® to evenly disperse the heat and for safety purposes. If the Cotton Pad or another fabric is not placed directly over the Biomat®, the heat may disperse unevenly, and the polyurethane strip of the Biomat® will get hot.

This is my first time using the Biomat®. What temperature should I set it to?

If you are new to using the Biomat®, we recommend starting at a low temperature (95°F-104°F). You may start to increase the temperature gradually based on your comfort level. Be sure to stay hydrated while using the Biomat®!

How long can I use the Biomat®?

When using the Biomat® at higher temperatures (104°F and above), we recommend sessions of up to 40 minutes a day. The Biomat® may be used at lower temperature settings at any duration of time. Make sure to keep yourself hydrated when using the Biomat®, as the infrared heat and sweating may cause dehydration.

Do I need to use the Waterproof Pad?

We recommend using the Waterproof Pad (Germanium Power Pad 187) to help protect your Biomat® from sweat, spills, and other accidents. For those who use the Biomat® in professional practices or for yoga/meditation, we highly recommend using it to keep the Biomat® protected and prolong its life during frequent use.

In what order should I set up the Biomat® with the Cotton Pad and Waterproof Pad?

Lay the Biomat® on a flat surface (floor, bed, or massage table) with the crystal ridges facing up and toward you. Place the Cotton Pad over the Biomat®. Lastly, place the Waterproof Pad over the entire setup.

If I put additional layers over the Biomat® for added cushioning, will it cut the output of far infrared and negative ions?

Yes, any additional layers over the Biomat® and included cotton pad will cut the output of far infrared rays and negative ions depending on the thickness of the added layers. We offer a Quantum Energy Pad® (sold separately) for added cushioning. The Quantum Energy Pad is comprised of Bio Clay Memory Foam™ which was designed to allow the Biomat’s® far infrared rays to pass through it easily, a Tourmaline Layer for added negative ions, and a microfiber layer which does not promote the growth of bacteria and dust mites.

How long does it take for the Biomat® to reach the designated temperature on the controller?

The Biomat® can take anywhere from 1 ½ to 2 hours to reach its designated temperature. There are several factors that can affect this. It is important to place the cotton pad (included with the Biomat®) on top to ensure even heat. The higher the temperature is set, the longer it will take to reach it. Lying on the mat or covering it with a blanket while it is heating up may speed up the heating time.

I have a 120V USA Biomat® and am travelling to a location that uses 220V power. Can I just purchase a 220V controller to use with my 120V Biomat®?

No, both the Biomat® and its controller are wired specifically for their designated voltage. Interchanging the two types of controllers may result in injury or damage. We recommend speaking with an electronics specialist to purchase a voltage step up/step down transformer which is compatible with the specifications listed on the back of your controller and the tag on the back of the Biomat®.

Can I interchange different models of controllers with different models of Biomats® (ie. 3000MX controller with 7000MX Biomat?

No, the models of controllers and Biomats should not be interchanged for safety reasons.

Is it safe to use massage oils on the Biomat®?

We recommend against using massage oils while using the Biomat®. Biomats® damaged by massage oils and other spills are not covered under the warranty. If you still plan to use oils with the Biomat®, we highly recommend purchasing a waterproof pad. We carry waterproof pads for the Biomat® Mini and Biomat® Professional. Oils which seep onto the Biomat® may damage and wear the internal components of the product. The waterproof pad assists in protecting your Biomat® from liquid damage.

May I use the Biomat® on a waterbed?

No, the Biomat® should not be used on a waterbed.

May the Biomat® be used on a memory foam mattress/topper?

The Biomat® contains a thermal protection layer near the bottom of it to aid in keeping heat from travelling downward, but some heat may still travel down toward the surface it is laying on. We recommend contacting the manufacturer of the mattress/topper to confirm if heat may damage its components. If so, do not use the Biomat® on such a surface.

Is there a benefit to using the Biomat® without any heat setting?

If the Biomat® is turned on without a heat setting selected, it will still actively generate beneficial negative ions.

Where is the Biomat® made?   

The Biomat® is made in South Korea.

  The Biomat® uses a PTFE (Teflon) silicone heating layer, and I have heard that PTFE is not safe. Is this true?  

The PTFE in the Biomat® is safe. PTFE is non-toxic and stable at temperatures below 400°F. The Biomat® does not heat past 158°F, and this layer is well within the Biomat® away from contact.

How do I care for my Biomat® to ensure it is in optimal condition?   

Always use the included Cotton Pad over the Biomat®. We highly recommend purchasing a waterproof pad for the Mini and Pro Biomat® sizes (sold separately) as spillage and accidents may occur. Liquids can damage the internals of the Biomat®. The waterproof pad is also helpful in protecting the Biomat® from perspiration and massage oils. If the Biomat® has any moisture or perspiration, use a dry towel to wipe it off. Do not leave any moisture on the Biomat® after cleaning the product.  We recommend wiping the clear window on the Biomat® with a damp, clean cloth once a month to maintain good condition. The included Cotton Pad should be washed at least once a week. It is machine washable with cold water. Store the Biomat® lying flat (not folded) and in a well-ventilated area. If you must fold the Biomat®, do so the same way as you received it. Folding it in the opposite direction may cause the internal circuitry to break.

I just received my Biomat®, and the alarm light/158°F light on the controller is flashing and not operational. What do I do?

When the alarm light or 158°F light flashes on the controller, this sometimes indicates that the connection going into the Biomat® is not pushed in all the way or secure. Disconnect the Biomat® from the power source. Place the Biomat® on a solid, flat surface. Reconnect the connector into the Biomat® with one hand holding the plastic cap on the mat. Reconnect the power and test the mat. If you are still experiencing issues, please call our customer service center at 1-855-338-6410.

My pet had an accident on the Biomat®. Is there anything I can do to clean the Biomat® and reduce/eliminate the smell?

The Biomat® is an electrical appliance, therefore, it cannot be submerged in water. We recommend mixing a solution of equal parts white vinegar and water. Submerge a clean cloth into the solution and wring it out so it is not soaking wet. With the damp cloth, dab the surface of the Biomat® and repeat this process. (Make sure the Biomat® is unplugged when doing this). Finally, leave the Biomat® in the sun to dry. If possible, while drying in the sun, turn the Biomat® on to the highest temperature.

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